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Pura Vida in Costa Rica

After just 3 days in Guatemala, it was time to say goodbye to my family and get on a plane to Costa Rica, accompanied by a very sick Paula—I guess food poisoning strikes pretty much everyone sooner or later in Guatemala; fortunately, my stomach has become pretty tough after vomiting my heart out about a […]

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A Brazilian Jungle—Made of Concrete

Even though I’ve been to some big cities during this trip—Chicago, Toronto, and Mexico City are all huge—São Paulo is different. In Chicago and Toronto, it’s the lakes that give you a feeling of space. In Mexico City, it’s the fact that buildings are in general not that tall, and that you can always spot a […]

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Back to My Roots

I arrived in Guatemala on the 10th of March, exactly one month after leaving Switzerland. I was looking forward to getting here a lot because I am actually half Guatemalan and my grandmother (who’s turning 97 this year) still lives here. So, for the first time in a month, I’m not sleeping at a hotel, […]

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Hightech in the Wild West: Metrohm Raman

The U.S. is such a vast country that both climate and culture vary quite a bit depending on where you are. I noticed that when I left Tampa and arrived in Chicago, and I noticed it again when I left Chicago and arrived in Laramie, Wyoming. One afternoon, I’m walking amidst skyscrapers in metropolitan Chicago—and […]

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The Importance of Ketchup

After coming from Laramie, Wyoming, where I visited Metrohm Raman (blog post coming soon!), the temperatures here in Toronto don’t feel that bad. The first item on our itinerary here was visiting two local Metrohm customers with Parviz Shahbazikhah, sales rep at Metrohm Canada: Select Foods and the research group of Prof. Ted Sargent at the […]

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Gender Equality at Metrohm Mexico

What does gender equality mean? Parity in the representation of women and men in different spheres of society: economic, educational, political, legal, health and family, is gender equality. In some areas, impartiality is harder to identify and, consequently, more difficult to rectify than in others. For example, institutional discrimination is one of these areas. Social […]

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Hefeweizen History

This month, Alyson has brewed an age-old beer style straight from Bavaria: «hefeweizen», a weissbier. This wheat beer is characterized by its hazy light golden color and unmistakable aromas of bananas and cloves. Back in 1516, this style was both extremely popular in Germany and yet technically forbidden to produce according to a strict German […]

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About me

Photographer & Blogger

Hi! I’m Stephanie, a scientific editor recently turned blogger at Metrohm. You may know our customer magazine Metrohm Information – that’s what I’m usually in charge of. However, this year, I’m traveling around the world for our company’s 75th anniversary. On my trip, I will learn everything about the company and the people behind it.

Welcome to the Metrohm Anniversary Blog!

Metrohm is turning 75 this year. We’re taking this occasion to put the spotlight on the people who shape the face of Metrohm: Our employees and customers around the world. This blog is dedicated to their stories.

I am Stephanie, a young employee at Metrohm Headquarters, and I’m traveling around the world this year to get to know the people behind Metrohm. On this blog, I write about the people I meet, the cultures that I get to know, and my travel adventures. Get to know me!

In addition, Metrohm people from all over the world will also be reporting from their locations during the anniversary year. They will introduce you to their employees and customers, report from company events, and much more!

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