Moving Together – Metrohm USA Builds a New Home

From our own personal experience, we know how much planning, coordination and flexibility is involved in moving. Moving a company is a much larger project and moving into a brand new facility that serves thousands of customers and over 200 employees is no easy feat.

Metrohm USA, the largest of Metrohm’s subsidiaries, just moved into our brand new building in January. From groundbreaking in late February of 2017 until our opening, it took less than a year for the 90,000 sqft facility to be built, painted, furnished and ready for move-in. We officially opened for business in the new facility on January 16th!


Planning our new home

Our CFO Ev Bosque was selected as the project manager for the new facility and was tasked to make sure that this building is designed to be a great place for our customers to visit and us employees to work – all while ensuring that it’s built to support our growth for years to come. Our leadership wanted to involve employees as much as possible during the initial planning stages, sending out surveys to gather feedback on what a good work place looks like. One of the overwhelming responses: more natural light! (Our previous facility lacked a lot of windows). The architect used this data to design the building and it didn’t take long until the first drawings were done!

Groundbreaking 2.24.17

Metrohm’s Lori Spafford, Evelio Bosque and CEO Edward Colihan breaking ground with Lindsey Kimball, Director Hillsborough Economic Development and Dr. Ken Atwater, Chair of the Tampa-Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation

Breaking Ground

While the planning process took over 3 years, we broke ground in February of last year with a small ceremony, some hard hats and a few shovels. Two representatives from the Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation, which has helped us comb through the many regulations and legal implications, joined us for the ceremony. Since we’re located in sunny Florida, it was hot that day and the outside event left some employees with a sunburn, even in February. Welcome to Florida!


After breaking ground, the builder and contractor hit the ground running moving dirt, pouring the foundation, raising walls and laying the ground work for electrical and plumbing. Employees were able to watch the progress in real time through live and time-lapse camera footage. Since the new building was only 5 minutes away from our previous facility, we also took many trips by the construction site on the way to our favorite sushi place for lunch (if you’re ever in the area, Crazy Café is our local Metrohm USA hotspot for sushi!). It was really fascinating to watch the facility grow.

Watch this awesome time lapse video to see construction unfold.

Layout and Furniture

The layout and furniture are the heart of any facility, so we spent a lot of time developing and proposing ideas for both. The major themes of the building are collaboration and innovation, with an open concept that focuses on teamwork and customer interaction. Our training facilities boast the newest technologies and inspire learning. Between sessions, customers are invited to network in breakout areas, or take a break on the shaded patio.

Our new furniture is clean and modern, promoting collaboration and an ergonomic design, with many brainstorming and mingling areas and height adjustable desks for everyone!

The big move is here!

It’s really not until moving day that you can visualize what a logistical challenge it is to make a move of this magnitude. Relocating the work spaces of over 100 local employees, fully furnished laboratories and training rooms, a 25,000 square foot warehouse, the IT infrastructure – all without affecting customers – requires lots of planning and collaboration from everyone. But we pulled it off! On January 15, we welcomed our local employees to their new facility to unpack and get settled in.

GroupNewBldg-5Final Impressions

From my perspective, the change our new facility brings is palpable. It’s exciting to be a part of an organization that is customer focused and who’s growth allows us to build a state-of-the-art facility we can all be proud to call our work place. Coming here each morning re-energizes local employees and our field teams are excited to bring in customers to our new labs for demos, training or just to show them all the things this new facility has to offer!


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  • Ravi Issari

    Dear Ed,
    Congratulations to you and your team on this fantastic achievement. May you new home be a source of inspiration , joy , teamwork and collaboration that results in great success.

    Best wishes,
    Metrohm South Africa

    February 7, 2018 - 5:16 pm Reply

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