Sweet Leisure in the Snow

Sweet Leisure in the Snow

Metrohm Switzerland, located in Zofingen, is the affiliate (daughter company) of Metrohm Headquarters in Herisau and takes care of sales, service and support for the Swiss customers. We were relocated from Herisau to Zofingen and made independent in 2008 for being closer to the majority of customers. The team has grown from 20 to more than 30 employees within those 10 years. One of Metrohm Switzerland’s young traditions is our yearly ski weekend. It takes place at another place each and every year. Our employees are living across Switzerland and some even across the border in Germany, so that sometimes the event is closer and the next year it is further away. Switching places is also a good way to learn new skiing places which might also be of interest for private trips in the future.

This year we decided to pass our “white weekend” in LAAX which is located in Graubünden. It is a wonderful Swisstown in the alp region which became famous worldwide for any kind of winter activity. LAAX is part of the Weisse Arena Gruppe, which combines the formerly separate resorts of Flims, Laax and Falera and uses a two brand strategy to market the destination. This means that the entire winter programme is positioned under brand LAAX, whilst brand Flims stands for the summer programme of Flims Laax Falera. 235 km pistes with 5 snow-secure valley runs, 29 facilities, 4 snowparks and the largest half pipe await snowboarders and skiers at LAAX. For the winter 2012/13 season it was extended by two further cableways: Treis Palas-Crap Masegn and Plaun Lavadinas-Fuorcla Sura, which was designed by the Porsche Design Studio. Its seats are heated by solar panels and it can swing the chair 45 degrees against the direction of travel.


By building 4 Snowparks with beginner to pro kicker, rails, wallrides or boxes around the Crap Sogn Gion, LAAX managed to create a big freestyle community. The skiarea is home to the largest halfpipe in Europe.Every year, important international snowboarding contests take place in LAAX. For example, the Burton European Open, a slopestyle and halfpipe competition, will be held there for the 10th time in February 2014. With the European Freeski Open LAAX also has a renowned freeskiing competition.In addition to the freestyle infrastructure on the mountain, there is the first freestyle indoor base in Europe at the base station: the Freestyle Academy. It features trampolines, various skateboarding infrastructure, boulderarea, airtrack, slackline and in the middle of the hall there are different sized ramps for skier, biker, snowboarder or skater – and landings are always safe into a foampit.

A trip to the famous Ruinaulta

The river Rhine has made its way through the limestone between the villages of Ilanz and Reichenau. Therefore, a canyon that is hundreds of meters deep has developed: the Rhine Canyon Ruinaulta also called the Swiss Grand Canyon. There are steep limestone cliffs and extraordinary, imposing rock formations on the sidewalls of the canyon. A hike through or along the Rhine Canyon is a must for every visitor to the Alpenarena; you can also take the Rhaetian Railways and enjoy the view from the train.





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