20 Years of Success of Metrohm Mexico

The Beginning

In 1998, in the middle of a profound economic crisis in Mexico related to a decrease in the oil prices and the imminent bankruptcy of the Mexican Bank, Metrohm Mexico, at that time Brinkmann Instruments, opens its office in Mexico City. That year, the Mexican writer Octavio Paz, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature 1990, dies at 84 victim of cancer in his house of Coyoacan a few blocks from the current location of Metrohm Mexico. This same year, Mexico signs the Rotterdam Convention on trade of dangerous chemicals and launches its fifth satellite.
Metrohm Mexico is opened by Dieter Schluter, at the time Vice-president of Sales and Marketing of Brinkman Instruments, Inc., the main Metrohm dealer in the Americas back then which, since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1992, had pursued the opening of a local office in Mexico. At the time, the company has only one employee working as a sales representative and representing Metrohm, Eppendorf, Lauda, and Kinematica in Mexico.

Growing up

The need to have local inventory becomes evident very soon and Metrohm Mexico moves from its original location to the facilities that would host the company for the following 17 years in Tlalpan. In the ancient Mexican language Nauhatl Tlalpan means «on firm land» because it was at the shore of the Big Lake of Tenochtitlan, location of the ancient Mexico City. During that year of 2000, the strike of one of our most important customers and one of the biggest universities in the world, the National University of Mexico ends after 10 months and the Revolutionary Party (PRI) is defeated after more than 70 years in power.


In 2002, the Mexican office of Brinkmann Instruments is bought by Eppendorf, Inc., changing its name to Eppendorf de Mexico and shifting its focus towards Eppendorf products.
In 2004, the Mexican economy growth is 4.4%, the best since 2000. The first woman governor is elected in Mexico, and Metrohm AG, under the leadership of Mr. Adrian Déteindre, buys Eppendorf de Mexico, which becomes MAS Instrumentos. Thanks to this acquisition, more personnel is hired, the applications laboratory is created and the representation of secondary brands is stopped to focus on Metrohm products. Three years later, Metrohm Mexico starts representing Applikon and obtains its accreditations as calibration laboratory for micro volume. This accreditation has proven very useful to differentiate us in the market.

The big fever.

In April 2009, a new influenza A(H1N1) strain of swine origin is detected in Mexico creating an epidemic of grave social and economic consequences. During this time, the telephones of Metrohm Mexico are ringing continuously with requests for centrifuges, PCR equipment, micropipettes, and pH meters. The result is that 2009 is the best year ever in terms of sales for Metrohm Mexico.

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The present and the future

In 2017 Metrohm Mexico moves to its new facilities in Coyoacan the epicenter of the cultural life of the south of Mexico City and place of Mexican renowned artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Just few months after moving in, very violent earthquakes cause human and material losses in various locations of Mexico; in spite of the tragic situation, the operation never stops and the company closes the year 12% above budget, just a few Pesos below our record sales of 2009, but this time only with Metrohm products and without any epidemic.
Currently Metrohm Mexico has 37 employees and represents all the branches of Metrohm. We are looking forward to reach our 100 million pesos sales this year in the middle of the turmoil of the presidential elections, the threats to end the NAFTA after 26 years of its signing and an overall complex international scenario.

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