Gender Equality at Metrohm Mexico

What does gender equality mean?

Parity in the representation of women and men in different spheres of society: economic, educational, political, legal, health and family, is gender equality.

In some areas, impartiality is harder to identify and, consequently, more difficult to rectify than in others. For example, institutional discrimination is one of these areas. Social exclusion and discrimination are perpetuated, among other reasons, due to some cultural traditions that reinforce widely accepted gender stereotypes.

Gender equality in Mexico

Mexico is a heterogeneous federative republic of 32 states. This heterogeneity is based on differences in history, geography, economic and ethnic diversity; it is not surprising that differences in gender equality can also be found among members of the federation. These differences also apply between socio-economic levels.

Historically, the media has helped to build the image of Mexican men as macho, dominant, aggressive, and courageous, while Mexican women are portrayed as submissive, obedient, and passive. While this may be true in certain Mexican spheres, it surely is not real in the more advanced sectors of Mexican society.

At Metrohm Mexico, gender equality is a matter of course.

At Metrohm Mexico, we do not have a gender equality policy. We just do not even think about this. Every time we hire or promote individuals, we are interested in their educational background, experience, and ability. In Metrohm Mexico, 43% of our employees are women and perform all kinds of jobs: technical, administrative, managerial, etc. In fact, four out of the six management positions at Metrohm Mexico are successfully covered by women. Finances, marketing, service, and sales managerial positions belong to women.

Yes, sure, we do not care about the gender of our co-workers: when it comes to work, we are all the same.

We are all different but equal!

In Metrohm Mexico we are happily diverse and this is a reflection of a new, modern, advanced, and more egalitarian sector of Mexican society that we are helping to build with our everyday work.

“After working 14 years for Metrohm Mexico, I have never had to think of the possible differences of gender. The only thing of importance here at Metrohm Mexico in order to have a competitive salary or reach an executive position is competence and applied knowledge to execute the job.” (Nora Cisneros –  Service Manager)

“I consider that in Metrohm Mexico there is gender equality in comparison to other companies, it shows in how many of the important positions in the company are led by women and it has never been a topic of discussion. In my personal opinion, I consider that good habits, knowledge, and intelligence are not determined by the gender of a person, color of skin, religion, or sexual orientation. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I believe that if other organizations considered these aspects as important as Metrohm Mexico does, they would be pleasant work sites and these values would permeate in our society that is so damaged and lacking of values these days.” (Juan Pablo Rodríguez – Service Technical Representative)

“We had never stopped to think about gender equality in the company and it is as I perceive it, such an irrelevant subject that I do not even consider it when a new vacancy is covered. Of course, it is also important not to have prejudices of the people that make up our company. What is really important is the recognition of talent, mutual respect and what each one contributes from his field.” (Erika Gascón – Marketing Manager)

“For me, gender equality is not really a matter of thinking about the logic we have in Metrohm Mexico, I mention this because it is something that has occurred naturally, although it is sought to maintain this gender equity, it is also important to mention that Metrohm Mexico personnel have been hired for their technical proficiency in any of the areas and jobs performed in the Organization, and therefore it is natural that the various positions of the company are based on that technical capability and professionalism of each individual.” (Oswaldo Lagos – HR Manager)



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