Only 2 Weeks to Go Before Stephanie’s Visit to France!

Hi everybody, first let me introduce myself: My name is Steven, I am 29 (actually I will turn 30 on April 12th this year !) and I am a Service technician for Metrohm France. I have been chosen to be Stephanie’s Metrohm guide during her trip to France! The first criterion was to be less than 30 years old. Among 63 Metrohm France employees we are 10 in this category so far.

StevenRSome words about the Metrohm guide:

As I say, I’m working for Metrohm France since 2012 (already six years!) as Service technician in the southeast quarter of France. This means that I often travel to great places like Burgundy, Provence, Alps, French Riviera, Monaco and so forth but unfortunately not for vacation! There are plenty of Metrohm instruments down there. When I started at Metrohm I was single with no children and now, I’m proud to say that I’m married with twins, one and half years old, named John and Paul. I’m a music lover (Beatles, for sure), and I play some guitar and ukulele. I’m also a fan of photography.

What have we prepared for Stephanie’s Metrohm «Tour de France»:

Paris by night

We have planned to show her two aspects of France: Paris first! La ville lumière—the city of lights! Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, les Champs Elysée, le Sacré Coeur … Stephanie will be welcomed in this city where all French history is concentrated. She will also see the Metrohm France headquarters with our Parisian colleagues and we will be visiting some historical Metrohm France customers as well.

Paris by day

After the pleasures of the eyes, pleasures of the belly: Lyon! This city is the next stage of Stephanie’s «Tour de France». Much less famous than her sister Paris, Lyon is known to be the capital of French gastronomy. This old city, created by romans, is rich of two thousand years of history. This is also where the «Forum Labo» exhibition takes place every second year in March and we will of course spend some time there meeting Metrohm customers from the area.

Metrohm France is looking forward to welcome Stephanie during her trip around the world and we will do everything to let her enjoy the beauty of our country.

See you soon!


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