Hightech in the Wild West: Metrohm Raman

The U.S. is such a vast country that both climate and culture vary quite a bit depending on where you are. I noticed that when I left Tampa and arrived in Chicago, and I noticed it again when I left Chicago and arrived in Laramie, Wyoming. One afternoon, I’m walking amidst skyscrapers in metropolitan Chicago—and just a few hours later, I find myself in a van with country music playing on the radio, driving through streets that look like the set of an old Western movie. And all it took me to get there was a two-hour flight to Denver and another short flight on the «vomit comet», the small plane that brings a handful of passengers to Laramie Regional Airport twice daily (by the way, it works hard to deserve this nickname).

Laramie has a population of about 30’000, half of which are students at the University of Wyoming. In summer, when the students are on break, the town empties out. The presence of a relatively large university means that the town has surprisingly much to offer in terms of culture for a town its size, from art and music to Laramie-made craft beer.

Located in the second least densely populated state (right after Alaska) and surrounded by prairie, you might not expect to find a high-tech company here. But Laramie is home to Metrohm Raman, the company that develops and produces our handheld Raman spectrometers. Not only that, Laramie has become a bit of a Mekka of Raman spectroscopy according to Keith Carron, founder and CEO of Metrohm Raman.

Keith is a professor emeritus at the University of Wyoming and created and led companies throughout his entire career, all of them focusing on different applications of Raman spectroscopy. The latest was Metrohm Raman, which he founded under the name «Snowy Range Instruments» and which was acquired by Metrohm in 2016. It is thus a relatively recent addition to the Metrohm family. Metrohm Raman has been growing rapidly in the past few years and currently employs 40 people. Quite a few of them are native Wyomingites, but the team is surprisingly international. Learn more about Laramie and get to know a part of the Metrohm Raman team in the video below!

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  • C.S.Ramachandran

    It is pleasing to see the video scattering light on Metrohm Raman employees just as our Instruments shed light on samples of our customer’s interest. Closer home, I am happy to recall that the technique is named after an Indian physicist 🙂

    March 16, 2018 - 6:22 pm Reply
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