Zoom on the FORUM LABO Meeting

With 200 exhibitors, 3000 visitors from public and privates laboratories, 350 pre-scheduled business meetings, many innovations showed for the first time in France and seven scientific congresses, FORUM LABO is a major event in Lyon for every laboratory supply manufacturer.

This was only the second edition of FORUM LABO in Lyon since this show was traditionally only happening in Paris every second year. As of 2016, it has also taken place every second year in Lyon, so we now have a lab show in France every year!

The event took place at the Congress center in the «Cité internationale» of Lyon. This is quite a downtown venue with easy access by tram. The exhibition gathers a whole different range of visitors from various industries: biotech, chemistry, pharma, environment, academia, etc.

The event attracted customers mainly from Auvergne and Rhône Alpes surrounding regions (60%) but also from all around France since Lyon is only 1 hour from Marseille and 2 hours from Paris by TGV, our French bullet train running at 270 km/h cruise speed.

Almost all fields of Metrohm expertise (OMNIS, IC, NIRS, Raman, Process, Dropsens) were on display on our booth. To guide our future customers in their choice, a sample of our best sales people and product managers manned the booth. At the end of two very busy days, we were able to get around 150 leads, which is 30% more than in 2016!

As a conclusion, FORUM LABO 2018 was a great success for Metrohm France and we will be exhibiting again end of March next year (in Paris this time).





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