Barcelona: Holiday Destination and Industry Location

Massó Analítica is Metrohm’s exclusive distributor for the Catalonia region in Spain and for the Balearic Islands. The company started in 1980 in Barcelona and since moved to its outskirts where it’s located almost next to Barcelona Airport. Catalonia is famous for the tourist magnet Barcelona, for vineyards, and of course the Mediterranean coast, especially the rugged coastlines of Costa Brava. However, the Catalonia region is also highly industrialized.

Barcelona has something to offer for everyone: there are museums and cultural sights, the city beach, mediterranean food and lifestyle, and a vibrant nightlife. The city has been a major tourist destination in Europe for as long as I can remember.

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Technicians Alberto González and Cecília Callizo

However, tourism isn’t Barcelona’s only industry. For instance, the region is very strong in pharma. One of the pharmaceutical companies present here is Grifols, which has been a customer of Massó Analítica for many years. When you visit the R&D and quality control labs of Grifols close to Barcelona, you’ll see Metrohm green everywhere you look. Originally, R&D Laboratory Manager Salvador Jané had wanted to meet with us but, as he was unable to join, arranged for lab technicians Alberto González and Cecília Callizo to introduce us to their work and show us the Grifols labs that contain titrators, Karl Fischer titrators, and ion chromatography systems from Metrohm.

In the labs that we visited, mainly liquid samples are analyzed, for example, pharmaceutical infusions. By titration and ion chromatography, various parameters are analyzed in these samples, including the pH value as well as the chloride and sugar contents. The oldest Metrohm instrument still in use stems from 1994—a 665 Dosimat.


A 24-year-old 665 Dosimat, and it’s still working!

Berta Pont, Quality Control Manager at Grifols, tells me that they’re very happy with the Metrohm instruments and with the service provided by Massó Analítica. When a purchase is coming up and there’s a Metrohm solution available, they don’t look at competition at all: «When we need something, we directly get in touch with Massó», Berta tells me. «We have a very good relationship with them.»


Berta Pont, Quality Control Manager at Grifols


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