Slovenia: A Natural Beauty

I wasn’t the only visitor at Primalab, our distributor in Slovenia, last week. Primalab is responsible for Metrohm sales and service in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Albania. Along with me, the colleagues from all local Primalab offices were invited to Slovenia to combine sightseeing and meetings.

Slovenia has only 2 million inhabitants and is smallest country I’ve visited on my trip so far. Primalab’s headquarters in the small town of Polzela reflect this very well: the building looks almost like a family home, except for the head-high sign in front of the entrance that reads «Primalab» and, a little smaller below, «a member of the Metrohm group». It’s located in a peaceful residential area in between family homes with green front yards.

Flying High Over the Planica Valley

When you go to Slovenia, the one thing you really need to see is nature. Slovenians, like Swiss people, seem to be born with skis on their feet. Skiing, ski jumping, and cross-country skiing are among the most popular sports here. The Planica valley in the Julian Alps in the northwest of Slovenia is the most famous Slovenian ski jumping location and the locals are already looking forward to the Nordic World Ski Championships 2023, which will by hosted by Planica.

The whole Primalab team and I went to Planica to feel like a ski jumper just for once by ziplining down the Planica giant hill, the largest ski-jumping hill in the world. The zipline is the steepest in the world and more than 500 meters long and, on the way down, you can reach up to 85 kilometers per hour. The bonus: while descending, you get a really great view of the beautiful Planica valley. After some nervousness before the first descent (and the realization that it wasn’t so scary after all), some members of the team even went for a second round.


Shelter from the Storm

The good weather remained good just long enough for our ziplining activity. Fortunately, at our second sightseeing destination, the Bled Castle, we were inside having lunch when we started hearing thunder and seeing lightning outside. The storm, which lasted for a few hours, gave the colleagues from several countries, who only meet twice a year, time to reconnect. Even a colleague who’s on maternity leave joined with her baby—it felt like a big family reunion (and, as it turns out, some of the Slovenian colleagues at Primalab are even related, but in such a small country, this might not come as a surprise).


The view from the castle down on Lake Bled. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow visiting the island by boat.

Ljubljana: The Hidden Gem

On the day of my departure, colleagues Tjaša and Kristina took me to the capital Ljubljana to show me around. Even though it’s the capital, Ljubljana, like the rest of the country, is relatively quiet and has a pleasant small-town charm. The car-free city center and the many green areas—parks, hills, and forests—add to this effect. In addition to this, the cityscape is characterized by old architecture and cobblestone streets lined by small shops, cafés, and restaurants. Ljubljana might not be the city with the most museums and historical sites. But it’s a beautiful city to just spend time and relax.



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    Nice pictures. Slovenia looks very attractive, in a quaint and charming way…

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