Creative and Democratic: Metrohm Research Slovakia

The Slovak capital Bratislava is home to our sales organization Metrohm Slovakia and to Metrohm Research Slovakia, where almost 30 people work developing software for Metrohm instruments. In the age of digitalization, it’s not surprising that Metrohm Research Slovakia is growing rapidly. Our colleagues are currently expanding their premises to make room for another team and invited me to their decoration workshop at their new quarters.


Aleš (in checkered shirt) joins his team in the office decoration workshop

Metrohm Research Slovakia was founded in 2016 and already has close to 30 employees. While it’s difficult in most places to find the software developers that Metrohm needs, Bratislava has a lot of them. «There’s a tradition of people studying technical subjects here, because they were the only ideology-free subjects you could study in socialist times», explains managing director Aleš Široký. Aleš joined the company last year.

The software development company works closely together with R&D at Metrohm International Headquarters in Herisau. To foster the cooperation, colleagues from Slovakia are regularly sent to Herisau to join the team at Headquarters for a month.

Metrohm Research Slovakia’s office space is modern and bright. Instead of individual offices, the space is divided according to teams, as these work together strongly. Everything is laid out for a strong communication among the team members. The teams keep an overview of projects and their status using task boards—not only for work projects, but also for communicating progress in recruiting and for input on improving the office space, for example.

Shaping of the work environment is handled democratically at Metrohm Research. Input from the team is not only welcome, but sought-after. This also concerns the decoration of the offices. For example, the team voted to name the meeting rooms after places from The Lord of the Rings.

As a team building activity and to make everyone feel at home in the premises, the team decorated their offices themselves. The decorations consist of mosaics of small canvases showing motifs relating to Metrohm Headquarters and Switzerland as well as Metrohm Research and Slovakia. They show Mount Säntis and pictures of the Appenzell tradition of Silvesterchlausen, for example, as well as pictures of Bratislava and traditional Slovak costumes.

The expansion of the premises called for another decoration workshop! I joined the decoration task force in painting and hammering for a few hours. Here’s what it looked like!








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