Jump and Play Like GEN Y!!

Every year in July, Metrohm Malaysia organizes a Sales & Marketing Meeting. The idea is to let our product managers, who attended the Product Manager Meetings at Metrohm Interlantional Headquarters, share their «take-home message» with the entire Malaysian sales and service personnel.

On the 5th of July, after this year’s half-day meeting, all employees changed into their sport attire and headed to the EnerZ Extreme Park Sports complex for a team building activity. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the game master and marshals, who guided us throughout all the games.

Trampoline—get ready to bounce your way to fitness!

The instructor demonstrated all sorts of stunts (e.g., twist, knee drop, sit drop, jumping jacks, etc.). It was hilarious—the trampoline made us realize that we don’t have any rhythm in our bodies: we kept bouncing, falling down, bouncing again. Nothing glamorous but we had some good laughs.

There was a huge foam pit where we could do stunts and fall right into the pit. We didn’t have to worry about getting hurt because the foams are so soft—there were no hard landings!

Slam Dunk basketball: Bounce and fly into the air and dunk!

After having jumped for two hours, we were exhausted. We had no idea it would be so tiring.

Throughout the games, none of us not actually had great trampoline skills. But the whole team was in high spirits and everyone tried their best to contribute to their team. We even had four «spider women» who mastered the 30-foot climbing wall! This is our boleh spirit—boleh is Malay for can-do!

After a 3 hours extreme sports, we were all exhausted but had enjoyed our afternoon out very much. Yes, we headed home with aching muscles along with lots of fun and happy memories.




Some feedback from the team:

«Can’t wait for Stephanie to join us for our next challenge» -Aliyah, Sales Engineer
«Fun & exciting» -Remy, Sales Manager
«What’s next?» -Ming Nee, Senior Application Chemist
«When we first heard about this activity, we were thinking about our ‹old bones›—will they collapse after jumping for 3 hours?» -MunLing, Senior Application Chemist



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