The Kuala Lumpur Night Market Experience

I had barely landed in Malaysia after a long flight from Europe when Wee Leng, MunLing, and SuLing (left to right in the title image) took me for a first typical Malaysian activity: eating at a pasar malam, which is Malay for night market. There are night markets every evening in Kuala Lumpur at rotating locations. They start at around 5 pm and give you enough time to eat your way through tons of local food before they shut down around 11 pm.

The Kuala Lumpur night market is a must in my eyes for every tourist visiting Malaysia. So it was surprising to me to find myself the only (recognizable) foreigner. You can buy pretty much everything here: fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, prepared food, clothing, cosmetics, tech accessories, … You name it. Night markets are very popular with locals. Some of them come to shop, and others come with groups of friends or family to eat. Like most people, we shopped some food while strolling through the market and sat down once in a while to taste our latest purchases.

You can get a look at the night market and learn about some Malaysian foods in the video below! I wish Smell-O-Vision had already been invented … You’ll just have to use your imagination to visualize the scents of stinky tofu, fermented cassava, and the notorious durian!

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  • Iris Reber

    Good luck with the Durian – I actually like the fresh version and the chips. They are not so bad if you get over the texture which is a little unusual for european mouths. 🙂

    August 17, 2018 - 7:40 am Reply

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