Dancing with the (Metrohm) Star

Lionel Roujean
Mesdames et messieurs, let me introduce to you: Mr. Lionel Roujean!

Lionel Roujean has been the technical sales engineer for eastern France since 2010. If you ever have the chance to come to one of our seminars and meet Lionel, you will discover one thing about him when the sun goes down and the party starts: Lionel is a very good dancer!

It all started when, 18 years ago, Lionel moved from the southwest of France to Strasbourg. Some of you may have experienced that, when you’ve just moved to a new city, it can be difficult to make friends.

To meet new people, Lionel and his wife joined a dance club called «Lindy Spot». And this was the beginning of a long love story with Lindy Hop.

But enough said. It’s time for you to see for yourself! Here’s a video of the Lindy Spot dance club. And, because I love «Where’s Wally», why don’t you try to spot Lionel!



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