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A Finnish Midsummer Celebration

On June 23rd, Midsummer was celebrated in Finland. For Finns, this holiday, which is connected to summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is just as important as Christmas. This isn’t so surprising when you know how short days are here in winter. In the south of Finland, days get as short as 5 hours. […]

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Who is Metrohm Nordic Denmark?

There are only six people in the Danish team of Metrohm Nordic. Five of them are based in the Copenhagen area, and the sixth is located in Jutland, the Danish mainland (whereas Copenhagen is located on an island). The team of five meet at the Copenhagen office daily. Being so few, most responsibilities are shared, […]

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Riding the Pink Wave: Metrohm France at the «Foulées de Courtaboeuf» Running Race

For all of us, every year is composed of some important events and dates that we must highlight on our calendars: annual meetings, holidays, hairdresser appointments, children’s year end school fair, and some anniversaries (which we usually forget)… For all our Metrohm France colleagues, there is another date to check: the «Foulées de Courtaboeuf» running […]

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Metrohm USA’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Much like when a ribbon is cut from a nicely wrapped gift, the opening of the Metrohm USA office in Riverview, Florida was met with anticipation and the promise of something exciting. Last month, employees, customers and vendors gathered in the sunlit two-story lobby of the new USA headquarters and watched as the large red […]

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Antwerp: Everything Else is Just the Parking Lot

If you had asked me about cities in Belgium a week ago, the first one that would have come to my mind would have definitely been Brussels. When I visited Metrohm Belgium in Antwerp last week, however, I learned that the locals have a slightly different perspective: a popular saying is that there’s only Antwerp […]

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A Brief History of Metrohm Autolab

I’ve told you about my visits at Metrohm Applikon and Metrohm Nederland. But that’s not it yet. We have a third subsidiary in the Netherlands: Metrohm Autolab. This is where Metrohm’s electrochemistry product line is developed and produced. The company was born as a spin-off of Utrecht University in 1986 and is still located in […]

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An IPA Brewing Session with Alyson

While I was visiting the Netherlands, Alyson Lanciki, MarCom manager at Metrohm Applikon and brewer of the Metrohm anniversary beers, invited me to her Delft home for a brewing session with her and her husband. Alyson started brewing beer out of necessity: there were no bars in Delft serving good Belgian-style beers at affordable prices. […]

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