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Another World Beneath The Waves

Hello! I am Andre Yanco. I started my carreer with Metrohm some 22 years ago, and am currently working as the Managing Director of Metrohm Turkey, located in Istanbul. Throughout the years, I was able to travel a lot, and had the opportunity to experience different countries and cultures. During my travels, the sea has […]

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A Focus on the Environment: Metrohm Young Chemist Award Germany

As you probably know, on the occasion of our company anniversary, Metrohm subsidiaries all over the world are awarding the Metrohm Young Chemist Award to young scientists who are doing innovative research using techniques from the Metrohm portfolio. At analytica in Munich last week, Metrohm Germany awarded three young scientists the Young Chemist Award. All three […]

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Check It Before You Wreck It

While it’s true that people have been making beer for thousands of years without special equipment, these days it has never been easier to brew your own. For those who don’t want to get their hands dirty, there are all-in-one machines available on the market which will brew beer almost as easy as making a […]

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Hightech in the Wild West: Metrohm Raman

The U.S. is such a vast country that both climate and culture vary quite a bit depending on where you are. I noticed that when I left Tampa and arrived in Chicago, and I noticed it again when I left Chicago and arrived in Laramie, Wyoming. One afternoon, I’m walking amidst skyscrapers in metropolitan Chicago—and […]

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Gender Equality at Metrohm Mexico

What does gender equality mean? Parity in the representation of women and men in different spheres of society: economic, educational, political, legal, health and family, is gender equality. In some areas, impartiality is harder to identify and, consequently, more difficult to rectify than in others. For example, institutional discrimination is one of these areas. Social […]

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Hefeweizen History

This month, Alyson has brewed an age-old beer style straight from Bavaria: «hefeweizen», a weissbier. This wheat beer is characterized by its hazy light golden color and unmistakable aromas of bananas and cloves. Back in 1516, this style was both extremely popular in Germany and yet technically forbidden to produce according to a strict German […]

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A Tour of ArrMaz with Michele

After just one day in Orlando, where I visited Pittcon, it was already time to move on to my next stop: Tampa, where Metrohm USA has its main office. My friend Elena, who only recently relocated from Metrohm Headquarters in Switzerland to Metrohm USA, gave me a ride, so we were able to catch up […]

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