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Building the Future: Apprentices at Metrohm

Apprentices make up almost 10% of the staff at our headquarters. Metrohm International Headquarters offers vocational training in 8 different professions, including chemistry lab technician, electronics technician, logistics specialist, and office clerk. Having always enjoyed introducing our office clerk trainees to the work we do during their half-year rotation in the Marketing team, I decided […]

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It’s a Small World: Internationality at Metrohm Headquarters

This year is all about the different people and cultures behind Metrohm all over the world. But at last year’s holiday celebration at Metrohm Headquarters, our CEO Christoph Fässler presented an interesting statistic: at our site in Herisau alone, 26 nationalities are represented. For such a small town, I find this quite impressive. So I […]

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The Legendary Metrohm Ski Race

A company tradition since 1957 I am sure, you know this: You organize a little event, for example a football tournament with colleagues from work on a Saturday afternoon, a daytrip with friends to the mountains with a nice dinner in the evening – these kind of things. Because it is fun and everybody enjoys […]

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IC on Ice: Andrea Wille’s Year in Antarctica

Andrea Wille joined the Competence Center Ion Chromatography (IC) at Metrohm International Headquarters in the fall of 2000. At the time, she was already an expert in IC, having used the technique in labs, on boats, and in the eternal ice of Antarctica. The idea of spending a year in Antarctica fascinates me, but I […]

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Daniel Baumann was Kung Fu Fighting

Daniel Baumann is responsible for the printing workflow in Metrohm Headquarters’ own print shop. He joined Metrohm at 16 to do an apprenticeship in offset printing and is now looking back on 21 years at Metrohm. When talking to him, I learned that this hasn’t been his only career though: for several years, Daniel led […]

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Singing Scientists: Muna and Norbert

Muna Sidarus from the Competence Center Service and Norbert Mayr from the Metrohm Academy at Metrohm Headquarters have found a mutual hobby: singing in the gospel choir. I talked to them about how they discovered their passion for singing and what they’re up to next. Norbert: A Preference for Modern Music «I’ve been singing in […]

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Bertold Suhner: The Man behind Metrohm

On the occasion of our company anniversary, I decided to take the time to dive into the life of the man to whom we owe Metrohm: Bertold Suhner. Whichever sources I consulted—books on the Appenzell region’s local history, newspaper articles, or his own words, printed in old issues of the employee magazine—all of them make […]

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