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A Focus on the Environment: Metrohm Young Chemist Award Germany

As you probably know, on the occasion of our company anniversary, Metrohm subsidiaries all over the world are awarding the Metrohm Young Chemist Award to young scientists who are doing innovative research using techniques from the Metrohm portfolio. At analytica in Munich last week, Metrohm Germany awarded three young scientists the Young Chemist Award. All three […]

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A Tour of Analytica 2018

Analytica in Munich is one of the most important trade shows worldwide for the chemical analysis business and thus for Metrohm. It takes place every other year and is visited by an international public. In the digital age, many shows seem to suffer from decreasing numbers of visitors and exhibitors, but not analytica—on the contrary: […]

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Stronger Together: Metrohm Brasil

Since 2015, Brazil has been experiencing the worst economic crisis in the history of the country. This has also affected our local subsidiary Metrohm Brasil and our colleagues have gone through some tough years. In 2017, Metrohm Brasil managed to improve their sales in spite of the ongoing crisis and can now look back at […]

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Pura Vida in Costa Rica

After just 3 days in Guatemala, it was time to say goodbye to my family and get on a plane to Costa Rica, accompanied by a very sick Paula—I guess food poisoning strikes pretty much everyone sooner or later in Guatemala; fortunately, my stomach has become pretty tough after vomiting my heart out about a […]

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Party the Mexican Way

A Metrohm-made Gem With our last customer visit on Wednesday at Polaquimia in Tlaxcala, we finished the strenuous part of my visit and, boy, was I ready for it. But I do have to go into this visit briefly. Polaquimia is a producer of various chemicals and has been using Metrohm instruments for many, many […]

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Sweet Leisure in the Snow

Sweet Leisure in the Snow Metrohm Switzerland, located in Zofingen, is the affiliate (daughter company) of Metrohm Headquarters in Herisau and takes care of sales, service and support for the Swiss customers. We were relocated from Herisau to Zofingen and made independent in 2008 for being closer to the majority of customers. The team has […]

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