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Metrohm and the Milk Revolution in India

This story goes back to India in 1946, coincidentally around the time Metrohm was being born far, far away in Herisau, Switzerland. More than seven decades ago, the life of a farmer in India was not easy. The income came almost entirely from seasonal, rain-dependent crops and the poorer lot faced starvation during off-season. The […]

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The Turkish Challenge: Part 1

No, my visit to Turkey wasn’t marked by hardship —Istanbul was amazing. The title of this blog post refers to the motto that Metrohm Turkey gave to my visit. Every day, our colleagues gave me new challenges to master to get to know Istanbul and Turkish culture. They ranged from quizzes about what we’d seen, […]

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A Brief History of Metrohm Autolab

I’ve told you about my visits at Metrohm Applikon and Metrohm Nederland. But that’s not it yet. We have a third subsidiary in the Netherlands: Metrohm Autolab. This is where Metrohm’s electrochemistry product line is developed and produced. The company was born as a spin-off of Utrecht University in 1986 and is still located in […]

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A Nobel Prize for Heyrovský

Prague is the birthplace of one of the analysis techniques in Metrohm’s portfolio: polarography. During my stay in the Czech Republic, together with Peter Barath, CEO of our Czech subsidiary, I followed the roots of polarography from its invention to its use today, e.g., in biology research. Polarography is an electrochemical analysis technique that enables […]

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A Brief History of Lyon

Lyon is one stage of Stephanie’s Metrohm «Tour de France». But who knows Lyon, outside our French borders? This article is here to help you understand why we have chosen this city for Stephanie’s world tour and why it was elected «Best European weekend destination» in the World Travel Awards 2016. Once Upon a Time… […]

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The Legendary Metrohm Ski Race

A company tradition since 1957 I am sure, you know this: You organize a little event, for example a football tournament with colleagues from work on a Saturday afternoon, a daytrip with friends to the mountains with a nice dinner in the evening – these kind of things. Because it is fun and everybody enjoys […]

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70 Years of Automated Titration

There’s evidence of titrations being carried out as far back as the late 18th century. The technique was named in the first half of the 19th century by French chemist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, who is often considered to have invented titration. Today, titration is one of the most important analytical techniques. Some reasons for this […]

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