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Hightech in the Wild West: Metrohm Raman

The U.S. is such a vast country that both climate and culture vary quite a bit depending on where you are. I noticed that when I left Tampa and arrived in Chicago, and I noticed it again when I left Chicago and arrived in Laramie, Wyoming. One afternoon, I’m walking amidst skyscrapers in metropolitan Chicago—and […]

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Party the Mexican Way

A Metrohm-made Gem With our last customer visit on Wednesday at Polaquimia in Tlaxcala, we finished the strenuous part of my visit and, boy, was I ready for it. But I do have to go into this visit briefly. Polaquimia is a producer of various chemicals and has been using Metrohm instruments for many, many […]

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Getting to Know Metrohm Mexico

I’ve been at Metrohm Mexico for two days now. But even though time has just been flying by, it’s hard to believe it’s only been two days, because so much has happened. Elvira, who’s my Metrohm guide to Mexico, warned me when she picked me up at the airport a little more than a week […]

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The Legendary Metrohm Ski Race

A company tradition since 1957 I am sure, you know this: You organize a little event, for example a football tournament with colleagues from work on a Saturday afternoon, a daytrip with friends to the mountains with a nice dinner in the evening – these kind of things. Because it is fun and everybody enjoys […]

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