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Kolkata: In the Footsteps of Saints

India is a country with a strong religious and spiritual tradition. Religion is still very important in the lives of the vast majority of Indians and a flair for spirituality lives on. The birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, meditation, and yoga has attracted—and still attracts—people from all over the world in search of spiritual awakening—or at […]

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Goa: Holidayers Instead of Hippies

Uday, branch manager at Metrohm India’s Mumbai office, and Mumbai Sales Coordinator Shoma showed me around Goa for a day and a half. While Goa’s reputation as a hippie paradise might live on, that’s long in the past. The former Portuguese province is «the Indian Croatia or Ibiza,» Marketing Manager Joy’s daughter Riya told me […]

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Mumbai in Fast Forward

My visit to Mumbai is a bit of a blur. I don’t know if it’s because India is already the 37th country I’m visiting this year or because of the dizzying speed at which I’m hopping from city to city—or the sensory overload that India tends to trigger with its infinite crowds and its hectic […]

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The History of Metrohm China

Metrohm China started in 2001. Many actors involved in the company founding are still around, most importantly Managing Director Joseph Tse. While I was visiting the Hong Kong office, where Joseph is based, he told me the story of Metrohm China and talked about his contribution to the company and its success. Seventeen people work […]

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People of (Metrohm) China: Part 2

As I continued my travels through China, I got to know different cities and different cultures across this enormous country. In Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chengdu, I visited workplaces and homes and I saw both ancient and new parts of the cities. I tried local foods and heard traditional music. And I even got a Chinese […]

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People of (Metrohm) China: Part 1

Since I arrived in China, our local Metrohm colleagues have introduced me to various aspects of Chinese daily life, from everyday working life to family life to Chinese food to places of prayer and worship. Here’s the first part of my experiences with the people of China. Metrohm China: From 2001 to 2018 With almost […]

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Bigger, Louder, Analytica China!

In April this year, I visited the analytica trade fair in Munich. The Munich edition of Analytica is still the world’s largest trade fair for the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology sectors with more than 35’000 visitors in 2018. But its sister trade show analytica China, which is held in Shanghai, is quickly catching up. Here’s my […]

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About me

Photographer & Blogger

Hi! I’m Stephanie, a scientific editor recently turned blogger at Metrohm. You may know our customer magazine Metrohm Information – that’s what I’m usually in charge of. However, this year, I’m traveling around the world for our company’s 75th anniversary. On my trip, I will learn everything about the company and the people behind it.

Welcome to the Metrohm Anniversary Blog!

Metrohm is turning 75 this year. We’re taking this occasion to put the spotlight on the people who shape the face of Metrohm: Our employees and customers around the world. This blog is dedicated to their stories.

I am Stephanie, a young employee at Metrohm Headquarters, and I’m traveling around the world this year to get to know the people behind Metrohm. On this blog, I write about the people I meet, the cultures that I get to know, and my travel adventures. Get to know me!

In addition, Metrohm people from all over the world will also be reporting from their locations during the anniversary year. They will introduce you to their employees and customers, report from company events, and much more!

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