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Free Metrohm Instruments for Education: Metrohm Nordic Finland

At the University of Helsinki Science Education Center, a unique project started 10 years ago: the ChemistryLab Gadolin. Here, groups of kindergartners and students of all ages whose schools don’t have the necessary equipment can get practical chemistry lessons to complement their curriculum. At the same time, the lab is used for research in science […]

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Who is Metrohm Nordic Denmark?

There are only six people in the Danish team of Metrohm Nordic. Five of them are based in the Copenhagen area, and the sixth is located in Jutland, the Danish mainland (whereas Copenhagen is located on an island). The team of five meet at the Copenhagen office daily. Being so few, most responsibilities are shared, […]

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Copenhagen: Royals, Hippies, and a Mermaid

The districts of Copenhagen differ so much from one another that they’re almost like cities of their own. Within the borders of Copenhagen, you can find the residence of the Danish royal family, the world’s second-oldest operating amusement park, Tivoli, and the Christiania district, a hippie paradise where people have been living rent-free since the […]

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Sciency Fun with Metrohm UK

Metrohm UK organized a customer networking event at the Museum of Science and Technology in Manchester. At the event, products were presented, technical questions answered, and two young scientists were awarded the Metrohm UK Young Chemist Award. When you’re in the Manchester area and you’re interested in science, the Museum of Science and Technology is […]

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Runcorn and Manchester: Home of Metrohm UK

Metrohm UK’s office and labs are located in Runcorn, between Liverpool and Manchester. The team shares an open-plan office, which they make sure never gets too quiet, as the very communicative team enjoys getting involved in some office chitchat. When James Downs, sales account manager northwest England, and Becki Catterall, marketing manager, wanted to show […]

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Kicking for Charity with Metrohm UK

To celebrate the Metrohm anniversary with their staff and customers, Metrohm UK organized a charity five-a-side soccer tournament. A dozen teams of customers from all over England as well as Metrohm staff from across Europe competed for the chance to win £1000 to donate to a charity of their choice. I had briefly considered joining […]

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4th Metrohm Volleyball Tournament in Herisau

Every two years (alternating with the traditional ski day) Metrohm International Headquarters organizes a volleyball tournament in Herisau. This year’s tournament, the 4th in the history of Metrohm, took place at the beginning of June. Eight teams from the Metrohm Headquarters in Herisau and a team from the Swiss subsidiary «Metroglas», which produces our sensors, […]

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About me

Photographer & Blogger

Hi! I’m Stephanie, a scientific editor recently turned blogger at Metrohm. You may know our customer magazine Metrohm Information – that’s what I’m usually in charge of. However, this year, I’m traveling around the world for our company’s 75th anniversary. On my trip, I will learn everything about the company and the people behind it.

Welcome to the Metrohm Anniversary Blog!

Metrohm is turning 75 this year. We’re taking this occasion to put the spotlight on the people who shape the face of Metrohm: Our employees and customers around the world. This blog is dedicated to their stories.

I am Stephanie, a young employee at Metrohm Headquarters, and I’m traveling around the world this year to get to know the people behind Metrohm. On this blog, I write about the people I meet, the cultures that I get to know, and my travel adventures. Get to know me!

In addition, Metrohm people from all over the world will also be reporting from their locations during the anniversary year. They will introduce you to their employees and customers, report from company events, and much more!

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