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Metrohm Young Chemist Award France: Meet the Winners!

Mesdames et Messieurs, On September 21th, we at Metrohm France held the award ceremony for the Metrohm Young Chemist Award France (MYCAF) at the Pavillon Royal, a freshly renovated historical building in Paris. During the first six months of 2018, Metrohm France received 23 submissions for the award. Among them, 17 fulfilled all the required […]

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Bangkok: City of Angels, Home of Metrohm Siam

When I landed in Bangkok, I felt like I might have by accident passed through the gates of hell—which, as you may remember, are open right now (at least in Singapore). I thought that I’d already adapted to the humid heat in the previous countries I visited, at least as far as that’s possible. But […]

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A Night on the Bosphorus

The staff of Metrohm Turkey celebrated Metrohm’s 75th anniversary in Istanbul with a gala dinner on a yacht cruising the Bosphorus. It turned out to be more of a dance party than a dinner though—when their favorite tunes come on, nothing can keep Metrohm Turkey’s employees at the dinner table. Having trouble viewing this video?

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Metrohm Herisau: A Celebration Across Generations

Last Friday, Herisau employees celebrated Metrohm’s 75th anniversary at Metrohm International Headquarters’ party with the tagline «We Are Generations». Everyone from apprentice to pensioner was invited to have a good time together. More than 500 people attended Metrohm Headquarters’ anniversary event last Friday. Everything matched the «We Are Generations» theme: music, activities, and food were inspired […]

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A Finnish Midsummer Celebration

On June 23rd, Midsummer was celebrated in Finland. For Finns, this holiday, which is connected to summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is just as important as Christmas. This isn’t so surprising when you know how short days are here in winter. In the south of Finland, days get as short as 5 hours. […]

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Metrohm Switzerland Celebrates

Metrohm Switzerland, Metrohm’s Swiss sales organization, has a lot to celebrate this year: in addition to 75 years of Metrohm, the company is celebrating 10 years of its own existence and the opening of its new building just two months ago. On June 1st, Metrohm Switzerland hosted a party in its new quarters that did […]

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Stronger Together: Metrohm Brasil

Since 2015, Brazil has been experiencing the worst economic crisis in the history of the country. This has also affected our local subsidiary Metrohm Brasil and our colleagues have gone through some tough years. In 2017, Metrohm Brasil managed to improve their sales in spite of the ongoing crisis and can now look back at […]

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Party the Mexican Way

A Metrohm-made Gem With our last customer visit on Wednesday at Polaquimia in Tlaxcala, we finished the strenuous part of my visit and, boy, was I ready for it. But I do have to go into this visit briefly. Polaquimia is a producer of various chemicals and has been using Metrohm instruments for many, many […]

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