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Rapat’s Pad Thai: A Street Food Classic

When I was visiting Metrohm Siam, Product Manager for Ion Chromatography Rapat Boonpong showed me around Bangkok and he took me to Cambodia to see the temples of Angkor Wat. He also took me to eat Pad Thai. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to properly enjoy it because my stomach was being a bit uncooperative at the time. […]

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How to Shop, Cook, and Eat Like an Indonesian

I tried a variety of different foods in Indonesia. In a country as big, there are of course different cuisines, but all of them (at least those that I tasted!) have one thing in common: they’re spicy. If a dish isn’t spicy, something spicy is added, usually one of the various kinds of sambal (chili […]

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Korvapuustit: How to Bake Finnish Cinnamon Rolls

Korvapuusti is the name of one of the most popular Finnish pastries: the cinnamon roll. It’s so popular that most flour packages that you buy in Finland will have a recipe for the traditional cinnamon rolls printed on them. Salla Paajanen, head of Metrohm Nordic in Finland, invited me to celebrate midsummer in their lakeside cottage […]

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Dumpling Day at Metrohm Czech Republic

During my week in Czechia, I first visited Prague, where the local Metrohm office is located, and then Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. In Prague and Brno, we followed the roots of polarography, one of the analysis techniques from Metrohm’s portfolio, as this was invented by Czech chemist Jaroslav Heyrovský. But […]

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Cooking and Chemistry: A Mix for Success!

Today’s story is about Marcelo, who has been working at Metrohm since 2001 and is currently sales manager for the public sector at Metrohm Brasil. Graduated in Chemistry at the Federal University of São Carlos, he is married and has a little baby son born just six months ago, Pedro. Marcelo’s passion is cooking. CHEMISTRY […]

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