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Dancing with the (Metrohm) Star

Mesdames et messieurs, let me introduce to you: Mr. Lionel Roujean! Lionel Roujean has been the technical sales engineer for eastern France since 2010. If you ever have the chance to come to one of our seminars and meet Lionel, you will discover one thing about him when the sun goes down and the party starts: […]

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A Night on the Bosphorus

The staff of Metrohm Turkey celebrated Metrohm’s 75th anniversary in Istanbul with a gala dinner on a yacht cruising the Bosphorus. It turned out to be more of a dance party than a dinner though—when their favorite tunes come on, nothing can keep Metrohm Turkey’s employees at the dinner table. Having trouble viewing this video?

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Party the Mexican Way

A Metrohm-made Gem With our last customer visit on Wednesday at Polaquimia in Tlaxcala, we finished the strenuous part of my visit and, boy, was I ready for it. But I do have to go into this visit briefly. Polaquimia is a producer of various chemicals and has been using Metrohm instruments for many, many […]

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