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Korvapuustit: How to Bake Finnish Cinnamon Rolls

Korvapuusti is the name of one of the most popular Finnish pastries: the cinnamon roll. It’s so popular that most flour packages that you buy in Finland will have a recipe for the traditional cinnamon rolls printed on them. Salla Paajanen, head of Metrohm Nordic in Finland, invited me to celebrate midsummer in their lakeside cottage […]

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A Finnish Midsummer Celebration

On June 23rd, Midsummer was celebrated in Finland. For Finns, this holiday, which is connected to summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is just as important as Christmas. This isn’t so surprising when you know how short days are here in winter. In the south of Finland, days get as short as 5 hours. […]

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Finland: In the Land of Forests

About 25% of Finland’s population live in the urban area of Helsinki. When you drive out of Helsinki, pretty soon there will be nothing but trees as far as the eye can see. Almost 80% of Finland’s total land area is covered by forest. It’s used as recreational area, but at the same time the […]

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Free Metrohm Instruments for Education: Metrohm Nordic Finland

At the University of Helsinki Science Education Center, a unique project started 10 years ago: the ChemistryLab Gadolin. Here, groups of kindergartners and students of all ages whose schools don’t have the necessary equipment can get practical chemistry lessons to complement their curriculum. At the same time, the lab is used for research in science […]

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