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Zoom on the FORUM LABO Meeting

With 200 exhibitors, 3000 visitors from public and privates laboratories, 350 pre-scheduled business meetings, many innovations showed for the first time in France and seven scientific congresses, FORUM LABO is a major event in Lyon for every laboratory supply manufacturer. This was only the second edition of FORUM LABO in Lyon since this show was […]

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Historic and Culinary Landmarks of France

France is famous for many of its historic monuments: Who doesn’t immediately picture the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe when they think of Paris, and who hasn’t heard about the Lascaux Cave with its prehistoric paintings? Today they are not only landmarks, but also important witnesses of ages long gone. Depending on their […]

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A Brief History of Lyon

Lyon is one stage of Stephanie’s Metrohm «Tour de France». But who knows Lyon, outside our French borders? This article is here to help you understand why we have chosen this city for Stephanie’s world tour and why it was elected «Best European weekend destination» in the World Travel Awards 2016. Once Upon a Time… […]

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