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A Nobel Prize for Heyrovský

Prague is the birthplace of one of the analysis techniques in Metrohm’s portfolio: polarography. During my stay in the Czech Republic, together with Peter Barath, CEO of our Czech subsidiary, I followed the roots of polarography from its invention to its use today, e.g., in biology research. Polarography is an electrochemical analysis technique that enables […]

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Dumpling Day at Metrohm Czech Republic

During my week in Czechia, I first visited Prague, where the local Metrohm office is located, and then Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. In Prague and Brno, we followed the roots of polarography, one of the analysis techniques from Metrohm’s portfolio, as this was invented by Czech chemist Jaroslav Heyrovský. But […]

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A Modern-Day Spartan: Ondřej Linhart

Hello! I am Ondřej Linhart and I have just started my career at Metrohm in the role of Service Engineer one month ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far. In my past life, I was a student of chemistry at Charles University in Prague and heard about Metrohm from a friend at university […]

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