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A Soft Spot for Animals: Sam Kelly

Samantha Kelly has worked as Financial Controller for Metrohm South Africa since early 2017. Numbers and maths have always made sense to her, she says, which is why her job is perfect for her. But while Sam’s brain keeps busy with numbers, her heart beats for all animals—and especially for her three chows Bear, Pumpkin, […]

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Gratitude, Optimism, and Perseverance: What I Learned From Disadvantaged Youths in South Africa

The most memorable and moving experience during my days in Johannesburg was a visit at a training course for disabled youths from disadvantaged—that is, nonwhite—communities, which is sponsored by Metrohm South Africa. Talking to the remarkable young course participants, I saw their will to learn and to take upon them whatever it takes to seize […]

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Muratie: Wines With History

The area surrounding Cape Town is famous for its wines. The Muratie Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, just about 50 kilometers from Cape Town, is one of the oldest estates in the Cape area and looks back at over 300 years of history. The history and winemaking tradition are kept alive at Muratie. But tradition in […]

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Cape Town: From Sea to Mountain

Cape Town reaches from the blue waters at the Cape of Good Hope to Table Mountain, towering over the city like a kilometer-high wall. Our local Metrohm colleagues showed me the «Mother City», as Capetonians affectionately call their hometown, in its best light. With its beautiful sea and mountain landscapes and vineyards just outside the city borders bringing […]

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