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Recollections of a Marathoner

A famous quote by Emil Zátopek, the Czech long-distance runner best known for winning three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, goes like this: «If you want to run, run a mile. However, if you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.» Anan Kiro of Metrohm India is experiencing this […]

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Visiting Taiwan, Part 2: Heat

After typhoon Mangkhut had passed and had taken the rain and wind with it, the thermometer climbed to 35 °C and above in Taipei. That didn’t stop me and our colleagues at local distributor Hammer Trading from exploring Taiwan’s cities, mountains, and kitchens! Hot Hiking: The Next Trend After Hot Yoga? These days, I often […]

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Jump and Play Like GEN Y!!

Every year in July, Metrohm Malaysia organizes a Sales & Marketing Meeting. The idea is to let our product managers, who attended the Product Manager Meetings at Metrohm Interlantional Headquarters, share their «take-home message» with the entire Malaysian sales and service personnel. On the 5th of July, after this year’s half-day meeting, all employees changed into their […]

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4th Metrohm Volleyball Tournament in Herisau

Every two years (alternating with the traditional ski day) Metrohm International Headquarters organizes a volleyball tournament in Herisau. This year’s tournament, the 4th in the history of Metrohm, took place at the beginning of June. Eight teams from the Metrohm Headquarters in Herisau and a team from the Swiss subsidiary «Metroglas», which produces our sensors, […]

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Riding the Pink Wave: Metrohm France at the «Foulées de Courtaboeuf» Running Race

For all of us, every year is composed of some important events and dates that we must highlight on our calendars: annual meetings, holidays, hairdresser appointments, children’s year end school fair, and some anniversaries (which we usually forget)… For all our Metrohm France colleagues, there is another date to check: the «Foulées de Courtaboeuf» running […]

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A Modern-Day Spartan: Ondřej Linhart

Hello! I am Ondřej Linhart and I have just started my career at Metrohm in the role of Service Engineer one month ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far. In my past life, I was a student of chemistry at Charles University in Prague and heard about Metrohm from a friend at university […]

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Marcin’s Underwater World

Exactly 3 years ago, our Metrohm Polska team welcomed Marcin Ruciński in the role of Service Engineer. Marcin was a student of chemistry at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw where he was determined to find a job that would utilize his industry-specific knowledge. He heard about Metrohm Polska from his University friend who […]

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