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Young Chemists in Eastern Switzerland: Metrohm and Mountains

The winners of the global Metrohm Young Chemist Award visited us in Herisau in the first week of December to present their award-winning research at Metrohm International Headquarters. While Antonella, Bibekananda, and Sophia were here, we showed them the best of eastern, central, and western Switzerland. Our Tour de Suisse started in the home of Metrohm, […]

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Craftsmanship in Analytical Chemistry: Metroglas

Spending some more time in Switzerland this spring and summer gave me a chance to finally visit Metroglas, the Metrohm subsidiary in charge of making sensors for titrations and direct measurements. Metroglas is located in the small town of Affoltern am Albis, about 100 kilometers from our company headquarters. In this video post, I’d like […]

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Metrohm Herisau: A Celebration Across Generations

Last Friday, Herisau employees celebrated Metrohm’s 75th anniversary at Metrohm International Headquarters’ party with the tagline «We Are Generations». Everyone from apprentice to pensioner was invited to have a good time together. More than 500 people attended Metrohm Headquarters’ anniversary event last Friday. Everything matched the «We Are Generations» theme: music, activities, and food were inspired […]

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Metrohm Switzerland Celebrates

Metrohm Switzerland, Metrohm’s Swiss sales organization, has a lot to celebrate this year: in addition to 75 years of Metrohm, the company is celebrating 10 years of its own existence and the opening of its new building just two months ago. On June 1st, Metrohm Switzerland hosted a party in its new quarters that did […]

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Sweet Leisure in the Snow

Sweet Leisure in the Snow Metrohm Switzerland, located in Zofingen, is the affiliate (daughter company) of Metrohm Headquarters in Herisau and takes care of sales, service and support for the Swiss customers. We were relocated from Herisau to Zofingen and made independent in 2008 for being closer to the majority of customers. The team has […]

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