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Indonesia: The History and the Present

About 30 million people live in greater Jakarta, making it the second biggest metropolitan area worldwide. It’s the capital of the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia. Metrohm Indonesia employees face a challenge: the country consists of thousands of islands that are scattered over a distance of more than 5000 kilometers, making sales […]

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Creative and Democratic: Metrohm Research Slovakia

The Slovak capital Bratislava is home to our sales organization Metrohm Slovakia and to Metrohm Research Slovakia, where almost 30 people work developing software for Metrohm instruments. In the age of digitalization, it’s not surprising that Metrohm Research Slovakia is growing rapidly. Our colleagues are currently expanding their premises to make room for another team […]

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4th Metrohm Volleyball Tournament in Herisau

Every two years (alternating with the traditional ski day) Metrohm International Headquarters organizes a volleyball tournament in Herisau. This year’s tournament, the 4th in the history of Metrohm, took place at the beginning of June. Eight teams from the Metrohm Headquarters in Herisau and a team from the Swiss subsidiary «Metroglas», which produces our sensors, […]

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Dumpling Day at Metrohm Czech Republic

During my week in Czechia, I first visited Prague, where the local Metrohm office is located, and then Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. In Prague and Brno, we followed the roots of polarography, one of the analysis techniques from Metrohm’s portfolio, as this was invented by Czech chemist Jaroslav Heyrovský. But […]

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Stronger Together: Metrohm Brasil

Since 2015, Brazil has been experiencing the worst economic crisis in the history of the country. This has also affected our local subsidiary Metrohm Brasil and our colleagues have gone through some tough years. In 2017, Metrohm Brasil managed to improve their sales in spite of the ongoing crisis and can now look back at […]

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Moving Together – Metrohm USA Builds a New Home

From our own personal experience, we know how much planning, coordination and flexibility is involved in moving. Moving a company is a much larger project and moving into a brand new facility that serves thousands of customers and over 200 employees is no easy feat. Metrohm USA, the largest of Metrohm’s subsidiaries, just moved into […]

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